How to fill in the Vietnam visa on arrival form for Burundi citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 14, 2018

The order of Vietnam visa on arrival procedure

Step 1: Fill your personal information and visa request in the application form;

Step 2: Settle the payment successfully;

Step 3: Receive visa approval letter;

Step 4: Have your passport stamped at the arrival airport.

vietnam-visa-on-arrivalVisa fee for Burundi citizens


How to fill in the Vietnam visa on arrival application form

You need to fill these information in your application form:

  • Full name: which is exactly preferred to in your passport;
  • Date of birth: is listed with year, month and date accurately in our system;
  • Nationality: which is the passport you are using to enter Vietnam (should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival);
  • Passport number: which is exactly shown on your passport;
  • Date of arrival: which suit best with your schedule. With this registered entry date on official visa approval letter, you can then choose to enter Vietnam on or later but not earlier than the approved date;

Notice on visa request:

  • Visa validity: You can choose one or three month touirst visa matching with your the time you stay in Vietnam.
  • Single/ multiple entry visa: You can enter Vietnam once/ many times in the period of visa validity.
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