Differences between getting Vietnam visa on arrival from Vietnam Embassy visa

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 06, 2013

There are a lot of preparation needed for a trip to Vietnam and getting Vietnam visa should be completed as efficiently as possible before visiting Vietnam. Many visitors may get confused about getting visa from Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam visa on arrival. So, what’s difference between them ?

Vietnam Embassy visa

- Vietnam embassy visa is the visa which you can get at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate. You can reach for the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to apply for a visa. How long and how much of getting Vietnam visa depends on the Embassy or Consulate you applied. Generally, it will take you about 3 to7 working days. All information about getting Vietnam visa is available at the websites Vietnam Embassy or Consulate is nearest your place.

- Beside, Vietnam Embassy Visa is also applied for those who enter Vietnam by air, by land or by sea.

- To get Vietnam Embassy Visa need be done as following steps:

+ First, search the visa requirements from the website of Vietnam Embassy which is near your place.

+ Second, fill and print completely Vietnam Visa application forms.

+ Next, come to the nearest Vietnam Embassy or Consulate and receive paperwork then fill necessary information.

+ Then, inquire Applications progress and wait for status of your request about 3-7 working days.

+ Finally, you can receive the approval letter from the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate you applied  (Please remember to give stamp fee in cash to Immigration Officer at the airport, about  USD $25 for single entry and USD $50 for multiple entry).

Vietnam visa on arrival

- Vietnam visa on arrival is only applied for those who enter Vietnam by air. Visitor will get their stamp-visa at Vietnam Immigration Department check-in when they arrive at Vietnamese International Airport.

- The Vietnam visa will be stamped onto passport of visitors by submitting the approval letter together with the passport (6 months validity), two photos (6 months validity) , and stamping fee ( USD $25 for single entry and USD $50 for multiple entry).

- Vietnam visa on arrival is recommended for:

+ Those that enter Vietnam by air.

+ There’s no Vietnam Embassy/Consulate near your place or country you stay in.

+ Those who would like to avoid the lengthy and complicated visa procedures to save time and money.

- Steps to get Vietnam visa is very simple as below:

+ Firstly, visit the Vietnam visa official website www.vietnam-evisa.org ,is a partner of Vietnam Immigration Department, to find some useful instructions and requirements to get Vietnam visa.

+ Secondly, fill in the form online. Then, we will send to you a copy of approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department after review your requirements and your payments. It’s only takes 24 to 48 working hours for normal service, and 30 minutes to 4 working hours for emergent  service of receiving.

+ Finally, print the approval letter and bring 2 photos sized 4×6cm with your luggage to receive Vietnam visa stamps at the Vietnam International Airports.( please remember to give stamp fee in cash to Immigration Officer at the airport)

- Here is Vietnamese Visa Fee for reference. 

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