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Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 06, 2013

FAST CHECK IN means that our staff will take care of the visa for you at the airport. You do not need to get line and wait. This is convenient way to get the visa at the airport. As getting off the plane, you will see your name on the welcome board which our staff is holding. You just follow him to the " Landing visa" counter. You needn't to do anything. Our staff will make the procedures for you to get visa stamp and pay stamping fee

It is extremely simple to get fast check in service. The necessary thing which you have to do is providing us exactly your flight number and arrival time to Vietnam. At the Vietnam airport you give your passport, visa approval letter, entry and exit form, 2 photos and stamping fee (USD 25/person for single entry, and USD 50/person for multiple entry visa) for getting visa stamp and check in procedure. Just wait for a few minutes, our staff will return your passport with visa stamp. And now, you can enter Vietnam and begin explore the beautiful country.

In general, the fast check-in services is very convenience and it saves your time. We always try our best to bring the most convenience to the customer. It will be the smart choice when you get this service. For sure you will feel comfortable with our service.

We do suggest that some people should use this service:

  •       People enter Vietnam for the first time (avoiding strange status)
  •       People would like to get Vietnam visa stamped quickly.
  •       People enter Vietnam with their children (having the time to take care their child)
  •       People travel in a big group (don’t waste time to queue)
  •      The business men (want to have Vietnam visa in time to serve their work)
  •      The pregnant women
  •      The disable people
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