Who can apply for a Vietnam Visa during Covid-19 Pandemic?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 26, 2021

During the World Covid-19 Pandemic, most countries suspend entry for all foreigners. And so do Vietnam. However, the Vietnam Government still issue visa for some special case. Then which are these cases? Who can apply for a Vietnam Visa during Covid? Then check the answer below:

The Vietnamese government only allows diplomats, officials, experts, investors, managersskilled workers to enter Vietnam by applying for the 3 months single entry business visa. Foreign employees that want to enter Vietnam should ensure they have a sponsor who can assist the employee in obtaining the necessary paperwork and communicate any changes to them.

Spouses/ Children of experts, investors, managersskilled workers that want to arrive Vietnam together with experts, investors, managers, skilled workers need to provide paper proving status like marriage certificate/ birth certificate that need to be consular legalized and translated into Vietnamese.

Overseas students/ Interns that have sponsor school/ sponsor company can apply for the visa too.

Otherwise, due to Covid-19, the Vietnamese government suspends entry into Vietnam to tourists.

To get the exact information promptly, please check case by case at visa@vietnam-evisa.org.

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