Cheap Vietnam visa on arrival for Saint Lucia citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 21, 2018

We issue various categories of Vietnam visa on arrival for Saint Lucia citizens

What are your benefits applying for Vietnam visa on arrival with us?

1/ You don’t need to submit any document or make any work, we will deal with them on your behalf;

2/ You will get visa approval letter as soon as you want, at anytime or anywhere;

3/ You are offered with the most economical fee;

4/ You can freely cancel once the approval letter has not been issued;

5/ You can complete the procedure without any effort;

6/ You are supported by the most professional visa team who has more than ten year working experience.

How to select your Vietnam visa type

You must clarify which visa type should be chosen. Here is the instruction in detail:

  • Tourist visa or business visa: who enter Vietnam for tourist purpose shall apply for tourist visa, applicants who wish to enter to work with Vietnamese business as partners shall apply for business visa.
  • Single or multiple entry visa: If you enter only once in period of visa validity, please apply for single entry visa. In the contrary, the multiple entry visa should be considered.
  • Vietnam visa on arrival is suitable for air travellers solely.
  • You must make the registration before arriving at Vietnamese International airport.

Important notice:

  • Each applicant should hold at least 6 month valid passport (it may not reach 6 months, as long as the airline allows him/ her to join the flight) which includes at less as one blank page;
  • The business visa is applied for individual entering to work with Vietnamese Enterprises as partner (not to work under contract);

You can check the visa fee here.

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