How can Iceland passport holders apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Feb 02, 2018

Why should Iceland passport holders apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Who is eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival?

The following people are entitled for Vietnam visa on arrival

1/ Departing from a country where there is no competent Vietnamese visa-granting authority:

2/ Travelling through many countries before entering Vietnam;

3/ Visiting Vietnam on tours organized by an international travel agency operated in Viet Nam;

4/ Foreign crewmembers on board vessels anchored in Vietnam’s seaport wishing to exit through other border checkpoint;

5/ Visiting Vietnam to attending a relative’s funeral or visit a seriously ill family member;

6/ Entering Vietnam to engage in emergency response, search/rescue activities, disaster or epidemic control or for other special purposes at the request of the competent authority in Viet Nam.

In general, exept from cases number 4,5,6, the applicants must submit the approval letter granted by the sponsor enterprises or individuals in Vietnam.

How to apply for online Vietnam visa

Please follow these steps to receive our approval letter for picking up visa stamp at the arrival airport:

  • Fill in the secure online application form;
  • Settle the payment;
  • Receive the visa approval letter sent via emai;
  • Get visa stamp at Vietnamese International airports.

The applicants must notice that you should hold at least six month valid passport which contains as less as one blank page. In case your passport dose not reach the time, you’d better check with the airline whether they allow you to join the flight. If yes, you can apply for the visa on arrival without any hassle.

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