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The National Assembly of Vietnam has approved a bill that will extend the validity of e-visas from 30 days to 3 months. The new law will take effect on August 15, 2023.

The extension of the e-visa validity is expected to boost tourism in Vietnam. Currently, Vietnam offers e-visas to citizens of 80 countries and territories. With the longer validity period, more tourists will be able to stay in Vietnam for longer periods of time, which will benefit the country's economy.

Tourists strolling in Hoi An ancient town

The new law also allows multiple-entry e-visas. This means that tourists will be able to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within the validity period of their visa. This will be especially beneficial for business travelers who need to make frequent trips to Vietnam.

In addition to extending the validity of e-visas, the new law also triples the duration of visa-free stays for tourists from certain countries. These countries include the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Finland, Denmark, Japan, and South Korea. Under the new law, tourists from these countries will be able to stay in Vietnam for 45 days visa-free, instead of the current 15 days.

The extension of the e-visa validity and the increase in the duration of visa-free stays are positive developments for tourism in Vietnam. These changes will make it easier and more convenient for tourists to visit Vietnam, which will help to boost the country's economy.

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  • no-avatar
    United States of America

    2023 3 month E Visa

    Jul 27, 2023
    Can you tell me what the total cost of the New 3 month, multiple entry E visa that will go into effect in August will be? Will the process be the same as the online 30 day E Visa or will it be like the old Visa on arrival program?
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Jul 28, 2023

    Dear James,

    Thank you for your attention to our website. 

    We would like to inform you that the 3-month multiple entries e-Visa will take effect on August 15th, 2023. The fee of 3-month e-Visa at the moment have not informed by the Immigration department, we will keep you posted on August 15th, 2023.

    Regarding the process, it will be the same as the online 30 days E-Visa at the moment.

    Best Regards,

    Heidi Phan (Ms.)

  • no-avatar
    Alicia M
    United States of America

    Will this impact previously approved E-Visas?

    Jun 28, 2023
    Do we know if E-Visas granted prior to August 15th will be factored into the new 90-day and multi-entry rules? I'm going to Vietnam on August 29th and am curious if I should wait to apply for an E-Visa after the 15th so I can have the multi-entry or not.
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Jun 28, 2023

    Dear Alicia M,

    Thank you for your attention on our website.

    The new validity of E-Visa - 90 days multiple entries will take effect on August 15, 2023.

    At the moment, the validity of the E-Visa is still 30 days single entry.

    To enjoy 90 days multiple entries, you should wait for the new law imposed, then apply for the E-Visa.

    If you apply before the date new law take effect, you will not get your 90 day multiple entries E-Visa.

    To apply E-Visa with us, kindly go to this link

    Best Regards,

    Heidi Phan (Ms.)