What should you do if you lost your passport when traveling?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 04, 2014

Prepare 4x6 sized photos or keep money and credit card in different places as a way to help you more flexibility when losing passport.

Passport is a prerequisite which you need to have when you want to travel abroad. But like a lot of other documents, passport also is potentially lost. So be a smart traveler to equip yourself with following notes:

Always keep your passport with you

Don’t be subjective when leaving your passport in hotel. Just always keep this amulet by your side. The safest way is buying a dedicated bag to put passport inside your shirt. This is also the place to put your money. If only having handbag or backpack, always keep carefully, avoid robbery.


Prepare 4x6 sized photos

No one wants to run around to find the place for photographing, especially when you are in a strange country. Be prepared at least two 4x6 sized photos in white background so you can remake the passport quickly. In addition, you should have available the photos of passport and ID. These two papers should never be clamped passport.

Keep money and credit card in different places

Maybe you think this is not related to passport but the reality is not so. Keep your money, credit cards in different places in order not to lose with passport. You can use that money to move, find contact information while waiting for a new passport.


Study some basic communication sentences

Keep in mind a few sentences of communication will help you in this situation. You can ask the locals directions to the police station, the Embassy of Vietnam in the country where you travel or the necessary telephone numbers.

Keep calm

Just keep calm when you did not find you passport. You can take that panic time to review the destinations, the situations which can be lost and come back if it is close. If you did not find it, report to the nearby police. After reporting, you should contact immediately with the embassy, consulate to inquire about the renew procedures. However, the best way is remember addresses and phone numbers of Vietnam embassy, consulates in the host country.

Source: Vnexpress.net


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